TCI Film School Productions

Unique minds welcome

A new opportunity for those on the autism spectrum to learn high-value skills and self-expression.
The Children's Institute is a special place for very special people. TCI Film School Productions is one of the most recent additions to our rich offerings of innovative programs. We serve all students including those with special abilities and needs (social anxiety, Aspergers, shyness)
  • At TCI Film School Productions students learn by doing. 
  • Each student completes a short film project, TV spoof sketch, commentary, current events report or other. 
  • Students can start to work "in-house" on professional productions as they advance.
  • We give a voice to original content from a unique perspective through web publishing, film festivals and local broadcasts.

 Spring course schedule starts first week of March. Contact us to enroll. 
Spring Courses

TCI - 6 Regent St., Livingston, NJ 07039           973-509-3050 ext. 441